About Us


In 1968, Mal LaFrancis drove to Vermont to meet with Walter Meyer of the Mary Meyer Toy

Company, as the toy company Mal had been working for had gone into bankruptcy. Mal told

Walter that he had a loyal following of customers and needed good toys to offer them and to

give him a chance to sell his line. Fifty years later LaFrancis Marketing Group still

represents the Mary Meyer Toy Company and continues to be the top producing sales group

for the company. LaFrancis Marketing Group also has represented EDC Books, White Mountain

Puzzles and San Diego Hat for more than ten years. Today the company is led by Tim LaFrancis.

Tim wrote his first order in the industry when he was 14 working at a trade show with his father.

After graduating from Bentley University, Tim joined his father in the business. LaFrancis

Marketing is now a team  of professional reps that are passionate about giving great service to

their 2000+ New England customers. LaFrancis Marketing Group prides itself on working with a

small number of companies and being an expert source of knowledge on these product lines.                                                                   



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